We Grow with you

Committed to Community

Steps Towards A Cleaner Nairobi

The Osho family recognizes the need to return Nairobi to its former status of the Green City under the Sun. This can only be done with the help of the community and the Osho community has embraced the task by cleaning our streets, unblocking drainage and recycling our office waste.

Building Our Society Through Education

With education comes growth. Osho Chemical Industries Ltd puts great pride in education and will always be ready to aid and equip those in need of a quality Education. After all it will be the next generation that will spearhead growth in our countries. We have provided textbooks, stationery and scholarships to local schools.

Tree Rehabilitation at The Mau Forest

Osho is at the forefront of maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem. This can only be done by protecting and safeguarding our national forests and water bodies. We are fortunate enough to be able to sponsor an acre of land in the Mau Forest where we were able to plant thousands of seedlings to rehabilitate the once majestic forest and improve the overall ecosystem of the area.

Joining Hands With the Shah Free Eye and E.N.T. Camp

Osho has had the privilege to sponsor the Shah Free Eye and E.N.T Camps. The camp is run on voluntary services and has held 30 camps to date! They provide free screening and operations on eye ailments and provide spectacles and hearing aids for those in need.